by Laura

About Me

Hello! I'm Laura. Back in 8th grade, I stumbled upon my passion for computers and software development. Since that moment, not a day goes by without me diving deeper into the world of code. I'm wholly committed to my work, and when an idea sparks, I'm eager to bring it to life. Difficult challenges? Bring them on! There are nights I've stayed up, immersed in solving intricate problems.

Outside of professional projects, I often code for personal endeavors and, well, indulge in some good ol' cat pictures. I'm an avid traveler and love connecting with new people. Every now and then, I dabble in creating ambient and electronic music by playing with samples and loops.

I pride myself on staying current with a broad spectrum of programming languages and occasionally venturing into design. Golang tops my favorites, but I'm also proficient in PHP, JavaScript (NodeJS included), Lua, HTML, CSS (and its pals LESS/SASS), SQL, and have dabbled in Java. Being accustomed to working on Linux servers, I'm pretty comfortable navigating through the shell. While I've not dived deep into them, I've got a foundational grasp of C and C++. My web-development journey introduced me to frameworks like VUE.js and Laravel, which I work with extensively.

I embarked on my programming journey with a three-year apprenticeship at a web-development startup, form4. Here, I began with the fundamentals, exploring realms of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, then transitioning to backend development, where I used PHP to build TYPO3 extensions. Though it's been a bit, I also honed my skills in Java, specifically while crafting database management systems with tools like Hibernate, the Spring Framework, and Maven.

Upon completing my apprenticeship, I realized TYPO3 wasn't quite my cup of tea. That led me to the amazing team at Trustami, where I've thrived as a full-stack developer for over three years.

Outside my primary job, I invest significant time in the OP-Framework, a FiveM framework scripted in Lua, which powers multiple prominent servers owned by InZidiuZ. My passion for coding extends to conceptualizing and executing diverse projects, and I've contributed to a plethora of open-source libraries and projects on both GitHub and GitLab. During my apprenticeship days, I also got a taste of networking and low-level communication.

Whether I'm coding at work or for personal projects, I'm meticulous about adhering to best practices. Ensuring my code is clear, aligning with existing project styles, and delivering efficient, well-documented solutions is my mantra.

"Wiese2" - The Origin Story

"Wiese2" is an alias that I've frequently used since the beginning of my programming journey. When I began my apprenticeship, there was another trainee with me, albeit in a different field. While I was diving into software development, he was getting his hands dirty with hardware, networking, and servers.

Together, we decided to set up a collaborative project named "Spielwiese4." This name translates to "playground 4", with the number 4 nodding to our employer, "form4". As I ventured out on my own projects, I decided to simplify the name. I took "Spielwiese," which means "Meadow" or "Field", and shortened it to "Wiese". Wanting to give a personal touch and reference my solo endeavors, I turned the 4 into a 2, birthing the alias "Wiese2".