by Milan Bartky

Who am I

On the Internet i have many names: some know me as Twoot, others know me as Salad and even others may know me as milan44. My real name is Milan.
In 8th grade i discovered my love for computers and software development and since then there hasn't been a day which i didn't spend expanding my knowledge. I love my work and put all my effort and dedication into it. I always love learning new stuff and once an idea arises in my head i always try to implement it in some form of application. When i am faced with difficult problems i sometimes work even through the night, trying to solve/fix them.

In my freetime i fly planes in simulators or look at cat pictures. I love to travel around the world and meet new people.

What do i work with

I always try to stay up-to-date in a wide range of programming languages, eventhough my job mostly consists of web development. I have experience in golang, PHP, JavaScript (including NodeJS), HTML and CSS, SQL, Java, C++ (even-though it's been a while) and C#. I also know my way around in a linux shell. I have worked as a TYPO3 Backend Developer for about 3 years now and know my way around HTML, CSS, SQL and PHP. In my freetime i enjoy building parsers and crawlers in all kinds of languages like golang or NodeJS. Using Discord as a messaging service i've also come around to building many Discord bots. Before getting my first job, i was building terminal games in shell-script or (as my first PC happened to be a Macbook) small GUI based games and applications with apple-script. I have also aquired a bit of knowledge when it comes to networking and low level communication. I worked with the tor network for a while, building peer to peer chat clients with end to end encryption and similar applications which rely on the tor network.